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How to use ‘dot’ glitch to skip paywalls and watch YouTube without ads

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新万博彩票登录This quick trick lets you dodge YouTube ads.
This quick trick lets you dodge YouTube ads.

Adding a single character to a URL can let you bypass some websites’ metered paywalls and watch YouTube videos without having to endure those annoying ads.

The simple hack — typing a “dot” immediately after the “.com” in a site’s URL — doesn’t work on every single website out there. But it does give you an advertisement-free pass to many of them.

Apple details exactly how WWDC 新万博彩票app下载 will go down

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新万博彩票登录Apple WWDC 新万博彩票app下载 lineup revealed
Apple's first online-only WWDC will be open to all.
Image: Apple

Apple laid out its plans for “the biggest WWDC to date” in a press release Wednesday, detailing exactly how the first online-only developers conference will go down.

With live streams available on Apple’s website, YouTube and other platforms, everyone can watch the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on June 22. During the highly anticipated event, Cupertino’s execs will showcase what the future holds for i新万博彩票平台Phone, Mac and other Apple devices.

Grab this refurb Mac Pro for just … $43,000

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新万博彩票登录President Trump will tour Apple's Mac Pro factory in Texas this week
Prep your credit card for maximum impact.
Photo: Apple

Hey, big spender. Act fast and you can snag a refurbished 28-core Mac Pro — for just $43,859.

It’s totally tricked out, so it’s the most expensive Mac Pro currently in Apple’s refurb store. Grab your credit card, and it can be sitting on your desk by Wednesday!

Every iMac design, ranked! [Cult of Mac Magazine 352]

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新万博彩票登录Every iMac design ranked.
Over the years, Apple designers came up with plenty of ingenious iMac designs.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Which iMac design stands as the best ever? Apple has unleashed some pretty radical revisions to its all-in-one computer over the years, and we ranked them all.

Find out which iMac came out on top in this week’s free issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. You can download it now from the . It’s stuffed with the latest Apple news, reviews and how-tos (plus some cool new Apple concepts). Or you can read the week’s top stories in the link roundups below.

The new king of Apple scoops? [Cult of Mac Magazine 351]

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新万博彩票登录Jon Prosser: The new king of Apple scoops?
There's an art to spoiling Apple's biggest secrets.

Jon Prosser is the hot new Apple reporter on the scene. On Twitter and his Front Page Tech channel on YouTube, he delivers Apple scoops with a healthy side helping of humor. So, is Prosser the new Mark Gurman?

Read our take in this week’s . As always, the free iOS mag is filled with Apple news, reviews and how-tos.

Demystifying Apple’s COVID-19 efforts [Cult of Mac Magazine 350]

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新万博彩票登录Here's how Apple's COVID-19 contact-tracing system works.
Here's how Apple's COVID-19 contact-tracing system works.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

When Apple released iOS 13.5 this week, it paved the way for privacy-focused contact-tracing apps to fight COVID-19. However, these apps don’t yet exist. And, despite some panicked reports online, your i新万博彩票平台Phone isn’t going to start snooping on you as soon as you upgrade your operating system.

We set out to clear up some misconceptions about how this whole contact-tracing thing is going to work. You can read all about it in this week’s .

Elsewhere in the free iOS mag, you’ll get the scoop on our podcast interview with Jon Prosser, the Apple leaker who’s making headlines. Plus, the usual Apple news, reviews and how-tos. Download it now and get to reading, or get the stories in the links below.

Twitter tests feature that lets users clamp down on conversations

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新万博彩票登录Twitter tests new feature that lets users limit who can reply.
Imagine a Twitter where only specified people can reply to a given tweet.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

Twitter is expanding testing of a new feature that lets users specify exactly who can reply to their tweets. The new conversation settings, which Twitter said Wednesday it is rolling out to a small percentage of users, lets people limit replies to people they follow or to certain individuals.

It’s Twitter’s latest attempt to tame toxic conversations on the free-wheeling platform. (As you might expect, not everyone is thrilled with the concept.)

Play Nintendo games on your iOS device [Cult of Mac Magazine 349]

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新万博彩票登录Get your game on! Find out how to play classic Nintendo games on iOS devices.
Get your game on!
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

You don’t need to jailbreak your i新万博彩票平台Phone or iPad to .

This week’s issue also includes plenty of other tips and how-tos to help you get the most out of your Apple devices. Plus, you’ll get some juicy Apple news and rumors, including a report on a total Newton nerdfest attended by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak himself.

Dystopia doesn’t get any more disturbing than The Handmaid’s Tale [What We’re Into]

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新万博彩票登录In The Handmaid's Tale, Elisabeth Moss makes the nightmare real.
The Handmaid's Tale centers on Offred (played by Elisabeth Moss).
Photo: George Kraychyk/Hulu

新万博彩票登录What We're Into bug If you thought life during COVID-19 lockdown seems awful, trust me — it’s got nothing on Gilead. That’s the fictional setting of The Handmaid’s Tale, a riveting dystopian TV show that’s racked up awards for Hulu since its 2017 debut on the streaming service.

I’ve burned my way through the first season, and I can’t take my eyes off this terrifying vision of a perverted future.

Get the week’s best gaming, politics and productivity apps

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新万博彩票登录Forza Street, Moxy, Microsoft Outlook, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga and Google Drive: These are the apps and updates that caught our eye this week.
These are the apps and updates that caught our eye this week.
Image: Cult of Mac

We got a pair of welcome new diversions this week: Hugely popular racing game Forza Street finally roared onto iOS, and a great Lego Star Wars title got a long-overdue update.

But we also got more-serious new apps and updates. New political app Moxy gives you information and tools to keep you engaged in current events. And a couple of essential iOS productivity tools got some handy new features.

Get all the details in our weekly roundup of the best new and updated apps.

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