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We talk ARM Mac and the incoming new iMac, this week on The CultCast

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新万博彩票登录CultCast 442: AirPods with health sensors
At this year's WWDC, Apple could make major moves with the Mac.
Image: The CultCast

This week on : An all-new iMac, and the mythical ARM Mac, will likely be unveiled at WWDC. We’ll tell you what we know! Plus, we wrap up with our favorite new 360 camera, feather-light carbon fiber bike wheels, and a must-have Ethernet testing tool in an all-new Under Review.

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The CultCast: Episode No. 444

FINALLY. New iMac and ARM Mac, incoming!

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This week’s Apple news

Apple details exactly how WWDC 新万博彩票app下载 will go down

  • Apple laid out its plans for “the biggest WWDC to date” in a press release Wednesday, detailing exactly how the first online-only developers conference will go down.

Apple could confirm Mac’s transition to ARM chips at WWDC 新万博彩票app下载

  • Apple reportedly will confirm the Mac’s transition to ARM chips during its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on June 22.

Redesigned iMac inspired by iPad Pro could debut at WWDC 新万博彩票app下载

  • Apple could reveal a redesigned iMac inspired by iPad Pro at WWDC 新万博彩票app下载, according to one tipster. The new all-in-one is expected to feature significantly slimmer bezels like Pro Display XDR, plus AMD Navi graphics.

Apple Store sells out of 27-inch iMac, suggesting new model at WWDC

  • Apple doesn’t have the 27-inch iMac in stock on its website. Orders placed today won’t ship until several days after the start of this month’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This adds weight to previous reports that a significantly updated 新万博彩票app下载 version of this macOS desktop will debut at WWDC.

Under Review

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