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Amazing Apple Magic Keyboard might come to more iPads

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The eye-catching Apple Magic keyboard could be available for a range of iPads.
Photo: Apple

There’ll be versions of Apple’s clip-on Magic Keyboard for other models besides the iPad Pro, according to a reliable source.

Apple’s accessory wowed reviewers and users this spring, but it’s currently only for the company’s top-tier tablets. Apparently, that’s going to change.

This unconfirmed report comes from .

This source has a 90.5% accuracy rating, according to . They’ve only been sharing inside information for a few months, but almost everything has been on the nose.

Perhaps an Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Air

As noted in the Cult of Mac review of the Magic Keyboard, this accessory turns the iPad into more of a laptop than ever before. That’s because it’s Apple’s first keyboard case that also includes a trackpad. The design catches everyone’s eye because it leaves the iPad seemingly floating.

This add-on communicates with the iPad Pro via the Smart Connector, not Bluetooth. And Apple started building this connector into more than just the Pro series — the iPad Air introduced in 2019 has it.

Leaked information indicates the improved iPad Air coming in the second half of 新万博彩票app下载 will have a larger screen. It could well debut with a version of the Apple Magic Keyboard made just for it.

The elephant in the room is price. Apple’s flexible keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro is $299, while the version for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro costs $349. Those are somewhat reasonable for computers that start at $799 and $999, respectively. But the current iPad Air starts at $499. Will people buy an accessory that might be 50% of the cost of the tablet?

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